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8 Things you MUST know before filing for Divorce

What are the grounds of jurisdiction for divorce proceedings? For example, residence, nationality, domicile, etc.? What are the grounds for a divorce? For example, is there a required period of separation, can the parties have an uncontested divorce? In the case of an uncontested...

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What happens when I sue or get sued?

What is the purpose of a lawyer’s letter of demand? What’s the difference between the various courts? What’s the legal process in a nutshell? What is mediation? What’s the difference between litigation and arbitration? Who would be my witnesses in court? How do I...

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Children – International Aspects

Can the custodial parent move to another state/ country without the other parent’s consent? The custodial parent cannot take and move a child who is subject to a custody order out of Singapore, except with the written consent of the other parent or the leave of...

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